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Resume Professional Writers Review

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Resume Professional Writers creates resumes using a team of professional writers. They can tailor your resume to your requirements until you’re happy with it, offering live online help, plus a range of supporting documents including cover letters and thank you letters. You can also post your resume to 50 job board websites which more than one and a half million employers visit.

Whilst online support can be a great feature, we found it to be something of a curse when using ResumeProfessionalWriters.com. Every few minutes the “do you want help?” live chat would pop up, even when we made it clear that we weren’t interested in their help at that time. It’s a small quibble, and it did get annoying but at least there’s someone on board to help when you need it.

The site offers a range of resume samples so you can easily find out if their writing style and design suits what you’re looking for. There are samples for all kinds of jobs, including construction, admin, IT, legal, retail and more. Resumes also have different appearances and layouts which vary depending on the job type and entry level, which shows that the writers take various elements into account when creating your documents.

A variety of resources are also available, including case studies, job market information, career writing tips and a blog page. These are free for all visitors to the website and offer some useful, practical information for job seekers. 

Meanwhile, ResumeProfessionalWriters.com offers services other than resume writing, including CV writing, LinkedIn profile building, job board posting and more. Prices are fairly standard for this industry, although the site does suggest that they are offering massive discounts. Frankly, we’ve never actually seen them at full price, so the sales seem to run all year round.

The website mentions an interview guarantee but details are lacking, even in the FAQ. There are video replies to some questions though, which is handy if you need some technical advice as you can see and hear, as well as read, the tips. Alternatively, of course, you can chat to the online team using the live chat feature. 

Over all, Resume Professional Writers offers a comprehensive service for a fair price. Their resumes display a little more variety than we’ve seen elsewhere, which is to their clients’ benefit as it shows the writers take some care in choosing the font and design. However, it doesn’t massively impress us in other ways and there is sometimes information lacking across the site.

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