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Resume Writing Group provides low cost, professionally written resumes for all sorts of job applications. Whether you’re a student looking for some experience, or a high level executive hoping to move into a new position with another organization, they ought to be able to help. As well as offering resumes, they also write cover letters, thank you letters, LinkedIn profiles and more!

Prices are lower than the average for this category, and much lower than some of the more expensive websites. But what do you get for the money? Well, the first noteworthy feature of ResumeWritingGroup is their guarantee. They guarantee that you’ll get a job in under 45 days, or you can have a full refund!

This is particularly impressive because nearly all other sites which offer a guarantee will only offer to rewrite your resume, and only if you don’t receive an offer for an interview. As such, this site offers a lot more in its guarantee, so if you’re not successful in finding work relatively quickly then you’ve not spent any money on your resume. Bargain! It’s worth remembering, however, that this only applies to the cost of the resume, not any additional documents which you might have ordered.

Moving beyond costs, there are several resume samples for you to explore, allowing you the opportunity to find out if the quality and style is what you’re looking for. We liked the layout of the resumes, which looked professional without being cluttered or overcrowded. The writing samples were accurate and professional-sounding, highlighting key areas of expertise, career highlights and more.

You can opt to receive your resume as a digital file, which you can then print out for yourself, or have them printed and delivered. Prices for this service appear to have been hidden away. If you fancy earning a bit of credit back, you can leave the site a video testimonial after being sent your resume and they’ll offer you $20 credit for the site.

Additional documents are available, including cover and thank you letters. These are relatively expensive when compared to the cost of resumes, particularly if you opt for an entry-level resume (since all additional documents are the same price, irrelevant of the level of the job or resume). You can also pay to have your LinkedIn profile rewritten (or indeed, created) in order to make sure your online presence is as professional and accurate as can be. 

ResumeWritingGroup.com claims to offer “absolutely the highest quality...on Earth!” which is something of a bombastic claim. Still, their confidence is inspiring. They also provide extra information for clients in their “Articles” section, where you can find tips for resumes, how to seek out jobs, interview tactics and more.

If we’re honest, we weren’t blown away by ResumeWritingGroup, but we do feel that they offer a solid service. Their guarantee is what really sets them apart from the competition, but they otherwise seem to do a pretty decent job. Customer support could be a little more developed as they have no sign of online chat, plus their FAQ can be a bit limited. If you’re in the market for a well priced resume which is (apparently) the best in the world, look no further!

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