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Awkwardly written
25 November 2014
Reviewer: Gretchen from Phoenix, AZ

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After reading the reviews and comparing prices I went with this service. I placed my order on Saturday night and got my cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn service on Tuesday morning. The formatting seemed impressive. The verbiage did not seem to be written by an American and in some cases did not seem to be written by someone who even speaks English fluently. It almost seems to have been sent through a computer that just replaced words as it was programmed to do.

A lot of my accomplishments were rewritten using weaker language (there are things that I did on my own 100% and their version of my resume said "involved in" or "contributed to" or "participated in"). There were redundancies in some places, and in others activities were taken out of one position and put into another.

I created a company from scratch and supported myself by running it for 3 years. That position came across as a job working for someone else.

If submitting this resume would get me better results by getting me through a keyword search in a computer, great. But what good would it do if it would get tossed by a manager for being pure nonsense? And if I did get an interview, I can't imagine sitting in front of someone answering to what it means to "administer the activities of 800 to 1200 accounts" (I was a sales rep and that was the size of my territory) or to be "an extremely commercially astute" professional.

Everything lead with my HR experience (4 jobs ago) when I'm looking for a sales position (last 3 jobs, and first job of the 5).

I know the other companies are significantly more expensive, but what they sent me was fluffed up, arrogant yet still vague, wordy nonsense that I would be embarrassed to send as a representation of myself. The only value I saw in their products is that I bet they would pass a keyword search better than what I had previously. I just need a whole lot more than that.

No one ever called me to get to know my goals. They then also missed the opportunity to talk to me about anything important that I may have left out of my submission. I have a really detailed LinkedIn profile. They clearly never even looked me up. They just sent me the exact same thing as their version of my resume, slightly reformatted, to fill my LinkedIn order.

In summary, I would not recommend The Resume Center to a friend.

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